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  • Dumbwaiter / Kitchen Elevator Product Description: 1. Material: Painted, Hairline stainless steel, mirror, etched ;
    2.Capacity: 1000KG ,2000kg ,3000kg ,5000kg; 7000kg; 10000kg;
    3. Speed: 0.25m/s, 0.5m/s, , 0.75m/s, 1.0m/s;
    4. Machine Room: Machine Room (MR) or Machine Roomless (MRL) ;
    Ceiling: HD-DTA05
    Car wall: PStainless steel hairline on both sides,combination of stainless steel hairline and etched mirror at rear wall.
    Floor: Standard PVC (optional marble)(FJ-B01).

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Tel: +92.3008804786
Tel: +92.3008804786

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